Who Was Allen Ludden’s First Wife

Who Was Allen Ludden’s First Wife?

Allen Ludden was a well-known television personality, best known for hosting the popular game show, “Password.” Ludden was married three times in his lifetime, and his first wife was Margaret McGloin.

Margaret McGloin was born on February 10, 1921, in Independence, Missouri. She was an aspiring actress who appeared in a few films and television shows during the 1950s. Margaret and Allen Ludden got married on September 20, 1943, and they had three children together – David, Martha, and Sarah.

Unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last, and they divorced in 1963. The reason for their divorce remains undisclosed, as both Margaret and Allen preferred to keep their personal lives private.

After their divorce, Allen Ludden went on to marry his second wife, Betty White, in 1963. They met on the set of “Password,” where White appeared as a celebrity guest. The couple remained happily married until Ludden’s death in 1981.

Margaret McGloin, on the other hand, remarried after her divorce from Allen Ludden. She tied the knot with Charles Kensil in 1970 and remained married to him until her death in 1979.

FAQs about Allen Ludden’s First Wife:

1. Did Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin have any children?
Yes, they had three children – David, Martha, and Sarah.

2. When did Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin get married?
They got married on September 20, 1943.

3. When did Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin divorce?
They divorced in 1963.

4. What was Margaret McGloin’s profession?
She was an aspiring actress.

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5. Did Margaret McGloin remarry after her divorce from Allen Ludden?
Yes, she married Charles Kensil in 1970.

6. When did Margaret McGloin pass away?
She passed away in 1979.

7. What was Allen Ludden’s second wife’s name?
Allen Ludden’s second wife was Betty White.

8. How long were Allen Ludden and Betty White married?
They were married from 1963 until Allen Ludden’s death in 1981.

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