Who Is Steve Burton’s Wife

Steve Burton is a well-known American actor, widely recognized for his role as Jason Morgan on the popular soap opera “General Hospital.” While many fans are familiar with his professional life, they often wonder about his personal life, particularly his wife. So, who is Steve Burton’s wife?

Steve Burton is happily married to Sheree Gustin. The couple tied the knot on January 16, 1999, and have been going strong ever since. Sheree Gustin is also an actress and has appeared in various television shows and films. The couple has been blessed with three beautiful children, two daughters named Makena and Brooklyn, and a son named Jack.

Now let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about Steve Burton’s wife:

1. How did Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin meet?
Steve and Sheree met at a charity event and instantly hit it off.

2. Does Sheree Gustin work in the entertainment industry?
Yes, Sheree is also an actress and has appeared in several TV shows and movies.

3. How long have Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin been married?
They have been married for over 22 years.

4. What is Sheree Gustin’s most notable acting role?
Sheree is best known for her role as Cindi on the TV series “Days of Our Lives.”

5. Does Sheree Gustin have any social media presence?
Yes, Sheree is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she often shares glimpses of her personal and professional life.

6. Do Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin work together on any projects?
Yes, they have worked together on several projects, including a few episodes of “General Hospital.”

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7. How does Sheree Gustin support Steve Burton’s career?
Sheree has been a strong support system for Steve throughout his career, both personally and professionally.

8. Are there any rumors of marital issues between Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin?
No, there have been no reports or rumors of any marital issues between the couple. They seem to have a strong and loving relationship.

In conclusion, Steve Burton’s wife, Sheree Gustin, is an actress who has been by his side for over two decades. Together, they form a loving and supportive couple, balancing their professional lives with their family.

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