What Happened to Chief’s Wife on Street Outlaws

What Happened to Chief’s Wife on Street Outlaws?

Street Outlaws is a popular reality television show that follows a group of street racers as they compete against one another in high-stakes drag races. Chief, whose real name is Justin Shearer, is one of the most prominent figures on the show. He has been a fan favorite for his incredible driving skills and charismatic personality. However, fans have been curious about the whereabouts of Chief’s wife on Street Outlaws. Let’s delve into what happened to her.

Chief’s wife, Allicia Shearer, was a regular presence on the show during its earlier seasons. She often appeared alongside her husband, providing support and offering insights into the street racing world. However, as the show progressed, Allicia’s appearances became less frequent, and eventually, she disappeared from the spotlight altogether.

The reason behind Allicia’s absence from the show is not explicitly stated. The couple has maintained a relatively private personal life, which may explain the lack of information. It is possible that Allicia decided to step away from the cameras to focus on her family or pursue other interests. Since Chief and Allicia have children together, it is likely that their family life became a priority.

Despite her absence from Street Outlaws, Allicia remains active on social media. She maintains a strong following on platforms like Instagram, where she shares updates about her life and occasionally posts pictures with Chief and their children.


1. Is Chief still married?
Yes, Chief is still married. However, his wife, Allicia, is no longer featured on Street Outlaws.

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2. Why did Allicia stop appearing on the show?
The reason for Allicia’s departure from the show is not known, as the couple keeps their personal lives private.

3. Does Chief have children?
Yes, Chief and Allicia have children together.

4. Are Chief and Allicia still together?
As of now, Chief and Allicia are still married.

5. Will Allicia ever return to the show?
There is no information available regarding Allicia’s return to Street Outlaws.

6. What does Allicia do for a living?
Allicia’s current profession or occupation is not publicly known.

7. Does Allicia have social media?
Yes, Allicia is active on Instagram under the username @allicia_shearer.

8. How long was Allicia on Street Outlaws?
Allicia was a regular presence on Street Outlaws during the show’s earlier seasons but gradually appeared less frequently before disappearing from the spotlight altogether.

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