What Does Tracy Butler’s Husband Do

Tracy Butler is a well-known meteorologist and television personality, famous for her work at ABC 7 Chicago. While Tracy is often in the spotlight due to her successful career, many people wonder about her personal life, particularly her husband. So, what does Tracy Butler’s husband do?

Tracy Butler is married to Mike Butler, who is an attorney by profession. Mike Butler is a partner at the law firm of Mayer Brown LLP, where he specializes in complex commercial litigation. With over two decades of experience, Mike has established himself as a respected lawyer in his field.

As an attorney, Mike Butler handles a wide range of cases, including contract disputes, intellectual property matters, and securities litigation. He has represented numerous clients, including major corporations and financial institutions, in both state and federal courts. His expertise and dedication have earned him recognition within the legal community.

In addition to his legal work, Mike Butler is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors. He is a board member of the Chicago Bar Foundation, which works to promote access to justice and supports legal aid organizations. Mike also volunteers his time to provide pro bono legal services to those in need.

Overall, Tracy Butler’s husband, Mike Butler, is an accomplished attorney who has made a significant impact in his field. Together, Tracy and Mike make a power couple, each excelling in their respective careers while supporting each other’s endeavors.


1. How long have Tracy Butler and Mike Butler been married?
Tracy and Mike have been married for over 20 years.

2. Does Mike Butler have any children with Tracy?
Yes, Tracy and Mike have two children together.

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3. Where did Mike Butler attend law school?
Mike received his law degree from Northwestern University School of Law.

4. Does Mike Butler have any notable cases?
As a high-profile attorney, Mike has worked on several notable cases, although specific details may not be publicly disclosed due to attorney-client privilege.

5. Does Mike Butler practice law outside of Chicago?
Yes, Mike’s legal practice extends beyond Chicago, and he has handled cases in various jurisdictions.

6. Is Mike Butler active on social media?
No, Mike Butler does not have a public social media presence.

7. Does Mike Butler appear on television with Tracy Butler?
No, Mike prefers to maintain a private life and does not make regular appearances on television.

8. Has Mike Butler received any awards or recognition for his legal work?
While specific awards may not be publicly available, Mike’s reputation and standing in the legal community speak to his recognition and accomplishments.

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