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Photos from London, Istria and Croatia

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to see some photos from our vacation. Herein, we oblige. Thanks to all our online friends for continuing to support us when we were away. This time my wife and I took less photos than trips prior, probably because we are

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Make Your Travel Photography Magazine Quality

I used to be a travel photography purist. The way I took the photo was the way it was going to stay. I didn’t have Photoshop or formal graphic design skills, so I thought I was stuck with what the camera captured. I was okay with it.

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I Bought a Tablet (Which Makes Me a Jerk)

So I finally broke down and bought a tablet computer, which officially makes me a jerk.

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The Best Travel Tip I Ever Learned

The following is a guest post from Simple Island Living, as part of the Yakezie Blog Swap. I wrote a post on the same topic at Simple Island Living, so make sure you head over there after reading this to see my post. I am a huge

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Otok Brać – Vacation from Vacation

The phylloxera swept across the terraced hills of Otok Brać – Island of Brać – in the early 1900s, invading the soil.  Native to North America, the tiny yellow aphids traveled across the sea to Europe in the late 1800s, feeding on vino roots and spreading their

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