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Threats to Debt Freedom

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The biggest threat to debt freedom is…going back in debt, and that’s one of my biggest worries now that we are debt free (minus the house). I don’t plan on going out and borrowing any money in the near future, but I guess that’s the idea. If

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We Did It: Debt Free


After nearly eight years of stops and starts, forward progress and steps backwards, we did it. Over $100,000 in consumer debt has been paid off to get us debt free (minus house), including student loans, two new cars, 3 international trips, a wedding, furniture, and other various

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Debt Payoff Progress - June

Well, I’m not going to have many more of these updates, only one more to be exact. I logged in to my student loan processor’s website today and saw a balance of $1,322. I have now reached the point where my last payment is smaller than my

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Free Debt and Budget Spreadsheet

One of the more popular articles on Married (with Debt) is part of our 10 Rules to Eliminate Debt and Change Your Life - the part where we make a debt and budget spreadsheet to track our bills, debts owed and daily spending. I get an email

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Push Yourself, But Not Over a Cliff

If you’ve been following our debt payoff progress reports, you know that we are two months away from paying off approximately $100,000 in consumer and student loan debt. We did it by paying off our debts from smallest to largest and continuing to pay all that we

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Debt Payoff Progress - May

Recently, for about a day, I actually had more money in savings and the emergency fund than I owe on my last non-mortgage debt, and for a minute I felt debt freedom. If I wanted I could be debt free tomorrow, but I made a conscious spending

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Beware of Debt Relief Scams

The following is a guest post from Smart Military Money, a site dedicated to personal finance for veterans, servicemembers and their families. Kudos to you if you have yet to fall deeper into debt this year. Otherwise you likely represent a sliver of the $21.3 billion in

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