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Carnival of Financial Planning No. 254

billion dollar lottery

Best Articles this Week from Finance Blogs Carnival of Financial Planning - Money Management Edition #254 - September 14, 2012 Welcome to the September 14, 2023 Money Management Edition #254 of the Carnival of Financial Planning. This edition is arranged by subject heading, so that you can browse

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Transitioning to Blue Collar Work

I’ve had a big change in my work schedule which has caused me to become less visible around the web, so I thought I’d update y’all on why. I recently had an opportunity to take a voluntary leave of absence from my desk job and work on

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Be Wary of Corporate Personal Finance Advice

small businesses

I think it goes without saying that we should always be mindful of who is paying the money to get their message in our ears or eyeballs, and online personal finance is no exception. Recently I read a post on a major corporate-owned personal finance blog written

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Best Personal Finance Writing - Week 33

In case you didn’t notice, the BPFW series has been on hiatus for about a month, due to our vacation and my inability to transition from vacation back into “real life.” That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a ton of great writing in the last month (there

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Best Personal Finance Writing - Week 29

As I write this we are about to head to my parents’ house to go swimming. As I finished typing that sentence, my wife informed me that our 7 year old has a mild fever. She’s been coughing a bit for a few days; summer sicknesses are

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Best Personal Finance Writing - Week 28

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter around the World Wide Web (sorry, just wanted to say that again), it’s because I’ve been on a new project for work that has greatly impeded my ability to network with other bloggers during the day. This is

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Best Personal Finance Writing - Week 27

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July or Canada Day, or simply a great week if you hail from another country. I only had Wednesday off, so I had to drag myself off a couch at 6 am yesterday to drive an hour to get

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