Auditing Your Emergency Food Stash

Food Insurance

Let’s talk about your emergency food stash. You do have an emergency food supply for your home, right? I’m not talking about hoarding buckets of grain in your basement in anticipation of the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. I’m just talking about taking that extra step to have a

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How to Get Ahead of Your Credit Card Statement

One challenging aspect of personal finance and taking charge of your money is that many of your bills operate on different billing cycles, rarely coinciding with a monthly calendar. My guess is that they do this intentionally to get you out of sync with your paychecks, which

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The Savings to be Made from Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

The savings to be made from paying off your mortgage early For most Canadians, the biggest debt they will ever have is a home mortgage. And because mortgages typically have an amortization period of 25 years, that debt will loom for a large chunk of their adult

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Car Sales Boosted by PPI Claims?

The weather was a bit milder than what we left back home (105 degrees, no rain for months).

Car Sales Boosted by PPI Claims? Car sales across the UK have defied forecasts of a slump and increased as the UK economy re-enters recession. In Scotland new car registrations soared by 24% in July compared with the same period last year. In other parts of the

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Confessions for a Life Insurance Movement

permanent portfolio

Our friend Jeff at Good Financial Cents is at it again with another movement; this time it’s about life insurance. In order to help spread the word about how important it is for most people to have some life insurance, I’m writing about it today as part

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Is Forex an Option?

billion dollar lottery

As I mentioned recently, now that we have paid off our consumer and student loan debt, I plan to put the bulk of our new savings into a portfolio with an asset allocation that suits our long-term goals. I am pretty risk-averse and more sensitive to losing

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What’s Next?


Many of you have been asking what we will do with our money now that we are debt free minus the house. This is also something I’ve asked myself. In the short term, I plan on saving every penny to build up an emergency fund of three

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