Photos from London, Istria and Croatia

We’ve gotten a lot of requests to see some photos from our vacation. Herein, we oblige.

Thanks to all our online friends for continuing to support us when we were away.

This time my wife and I took less photos than trips prior, probably because we are taking more time to enjoy ourselves and have a more discerning eye for images.

So……here’s what we were up to for 12 debt-free days.

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation!!


London Olympics

We arrived in London off a red-eye nonstop from Chicago. Countdown to the Opening Ceremony in Trafalger Square.



The weather was a bit milder than what we left back home (105 degrees, no rain for months).



If you are in Istria, it must be time to eat.



Getting lost in the back streets of Vodnjan, in search of the mummies at St. Blaise.



After getting kicked out of St. Blaise’s church because SOMEONE didn’t have their shoulders covered, we decided to go to the friendlier confines of Motovun.



Yes, I quite like the view from Motovun. Totally worth the 30 minute hike up a mountain in the blazing sun.



So many interesting doors in Istria. Don’t you want to know what’s behind it?



My view of the Mirna River valley from Humska Konoba in Hum, the smallest town in the world. The meal was superb.



After Hum we crossed Mt. Ucka (actually went through her via a 16,000 foot long tunnel). Now we are above Rijeka in Kastav for pizza and beers.



From the darkness, into the light at Medveja.



Enjoying a full moon over Trsat with my beautiful wife.



The view from the Frankopan castle in Krk, on the island of Krk.



You shitting me? I gotta cross this expanse in a tiny Hyundai hatchback to get to the beach?



Okay, the drive was worth it. (Baska, Croatia).



Enjoying some drinks at Mošćenička Draga.



I almost forgot about the sky. The only clouds we saw, but they were the most beautiful.



Hey, ho, what’s this? We must be back in London for another day.



One last walk to one last strange bed, before one more flight before just one more until we are…almost home.




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  1. Awesome pics John. I especially liked the one of the castle. Very cool to see architecture like that still intact. I also like the blue/white cloud picture. Do you mind if I save that to use as a background (possibly for Twitter)?

  2. Wow some great pictures mate. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. It makes me want to get travelling again. Ever since I moved to Canada that all stopped. I used to travel 3-4 times per year and have boxes of photos to prove that lol… Glad you and the wife enjoyed your time away. Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. Love your pictures. Looks awesome!

  4. Awesome pics! I think we all love seeing pics and going on vacation vicariously through someone else. haha!

  5. Great pictures and I love the redesign of your blog!

  6. I agree with everyone else….great pictures. Now we know your tricks of making the photos more vibrant and colorful though :)
    Looks like a pretty sweet vacation with plenty to see and do. I’m jealous.

  7. It looks like a great trip. I want to go myself, now! Thanks for the show-and-tell session.

  8. Looks like you had a blast. That cloud and umbrella picture is awesome!

  9. Beautiful pictures, love the one of you and your wife as well. And; welcome home!

  10. What a way to celebrate!!! Congrats again and thanks for sharing the beautiful sights with us.

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