Greetings from Croatia

Greetings from Croatia. My wife and I are having a wonderful and relaxing time.

We spent a few days visiting with my family and swimming in the sea. The Smart Car we rented had a problem with the transmission, so my dream of zipping around in a little go-kart of a car were dashed. We had to trade it for a slightly larger Hyundai Getz. This is my first time really driving a foreign car for an extended period of time.

Me and my cousin’s son in the Smart Fortwo, before I gave it back.

The roads here in Croatia are excellent. Driving here is easier than in United States. My cousin tells me that Croatians think their roads are not great, but even the tiny bike-path sized roads between tiny villages are paved and without potholes. This is not the case when I drive at home to visit my parents and in-laws in a similar rural area.

Croatia (especially Istria), is about food. We have been stuffed full of homemade cheese, wine and meat like prsut (proscuitto), and cevapcici, a beef and pork mixed meat. Everyone tells me I look too thin, and I suspect I will put on a few pounds by the time I return.

Here are a few more pictures from our trip so far. Hope everyone is okay back home.

Motovun, Istria. Medieval town atop a small “mountain.”


Istrian sausage, pork and saurkraut at Humska Konoba, in Hum. This is known as the “smallest town in the world.” Most amazing view of the Mirna River valley from our table.


More photos to come later. That’s what was on my tablet. I’m too relaxed (lazy) to upload some from our camera.




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  1. The food looks great! Have a good time.

  2. Definitely more food pics, John! That’s my ultimate vacation-going from one country to the next just for the food, and moving on. Call it the ultimate food tour.

  3. The pictures look great! It must be nice!

  4. Glad you are.enjoying your trip. Stinks about the car but hopefully it wasn’t that big of a deal!

  5. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the trip!

  6. Good to see you posting while on vacation John. Definitely upload more photos when you get a chance. It sounds like you’re really enjoying yourself.

  7. That car is so tiny! I mean, you’re not a big guy, John…and you make that car look like a shoebox! Glad you’re having the amazing vacation you deserve!

  8. Looks like an awesome trip! I met some great people from Croatia during my last trip to Europe. They made me want to go visit.


    Glad you’re enjoying your trip; I hear Croatia is beautiful, and not overly expensive.

  10. Looks like an awesome trip so far. I have always wanted to go there. Now you got me wanting to plan a trip again. Great pics too.

  11. Keep the pics coming, John! I’d love to get there some day.

  12. Keep the pics coming, John! I’d love to get there some day.

  13. I love how I saw signs in Europe warning of a bad road and me thinking ‘huh? this is what all the roads are like at home!’ I guess they do pay their fair share in road taxes though I hope you guys are enjoying your vacation!

  14. Oh, wow! Looks beautiful! So glad you guys are having a fun time. How did you guys decide on Croatia?

  15. That food looks so yummy!

  16. Love the Smart car. Croatia seems amazing, I am sure you guys are having a blast. BTW, loving the new look. I like the big headline feature!

  17. Sounds like you’re having a great time! My family is from Croatia as well along the Dalmatian coast.

  18. Great pics! Enjoy!

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