Hubpages - Is It Worth It?

So, count me among those who have fallen under the spell of passive income that Hubpages offers.

Passive income is one thing our parents had from things like real estate and rental properties. Today’s “New Rich” prefer to set it and forget it, as Tim Ferriss would say, which makes online marketing a potential that can build to a low work empire. One of our greatest tools to get out of debt is to increase income. That’s why you will hear me recommend you sell things - sell your cars and buy beaters; sell your jewelry; have a garage sale. If writing articles can be a piece of the puzzle, why not try?

Yes, there are stories of Hubbers earning up to $2,000 per month from hundreds of articles that continue to earn, month after month. Called “evergreen content,” these timeless and informative posts are the key to passive income. From my research I have learned it is not easy. Many Hubs take upwards of a year to start earning modest sums.

The thought of having 100 articles each earning at least a dollar per day is my goal - this would allow me to work from home on projects I enjoy.

So check out my first two articles. The first is on a subject you will hear me speak often on - buying physical silver.

Please read my article on the best way to buy silver coins

Also, check out my article on Tom Waits’ new album Bad As Me.



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