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The Top 5 Trending Degrees that Can Lead to Valuable Careers

Guest post.

When you spend good money on a college education, you want to know that your degree will actually be worth it. Although every degree is valuable in some way, there are certain trending degrees that assure not only that you have a job when you graduate, but also that you have job security and the ability to move up the ladder. They prove that you don’t have to spend years in school to make good money in the real world.

Become an Accounting Major


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Accounting is easily considered one of the best degrees if you’re looking for a valuable career. People will always need help with their finances, especially their taxes. Even when the economy is steady, you offer a valuable service and you’ll stay in demand for far longer than the month of April.

You have several options, such as becoming a CPA, joining an accounting firm, or doing private tax work. All you’ll need is a Bachelor’s degree, and from there you can look into special and specific certifications. You might prefer working in the public sector, or specializing in tax work for small businesses.

After earning your Bachelor’s degree, you can further invest in your career by working towards your MBA in Finance. Both of these degrees help prepare you for all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, which can open up your career to an entirely new set of possibilities.

The jobs that are available for a CFA include portfolio manager, research analyst, chief executive, risk manager or investment banking analyst, allowing you to work in all different areas of finance once you pass the exam.

Pursue Criminal Justice


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Criminology and criminal justice degrees are infinitely worthwhile. They allow you to help the community in any number of ways, which adds to their versatility. You can then pursue a law enforcement career, a law degree, or even work in the legal department of a large company. Most of all, you will play an important role in keeping your community safe.

There are various ways to get your degree as well. You can look into both two-year and four-year degree programs, with specialties and electives geared toward the niche you want. There are also several types of certifications available.

Get a Computer Engineering Degree

Computer Pic

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Computer engineering degrees are quickly becoming more necessary. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are practically commonplace. As technology advances, changing the way people get online, what they do while they’re there, and how they do it, computer engineers will continue to add value. Their knowledge creates these advances, and fixes problems when issues occur.

You can look into both two-year and four-year degrees, and certification programs for increasing your knowledge down the line. In addition to learning to work on computers, inside and outside, you can try your hand at coding, app design, web design, and many other avenues.

Look into Construction Management


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With the housing market in a near-constant state of flux, construction workers and managers are definitely necessary. They add to the community by providing new homes, businesses, and even jobs. In four years, you could manage your own construction company and enjoy a starting salary of $50,200.

Consider Medical Assistance


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A medical assistance degree is incredibly versatile. You can pursue a four-year degree, but will do just as well, if not better, with a two-year degree or proper certification. At the very least you can get started, so you can get out into the healthcare industry and help. In time, you could become an administrator, or you could stick with clinical duties.

Finding a valuable degree is easy, and if you go after it with passion, it becomes much more valuable. Would you consider any of these jobs?

Author Bio:

L. Robinson is a full-time writer with an intense interest in criminology and a love of learning in general. She’s a big fan of promoting the many ways to continue your education.

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  1. I’ve known a lot of people who opted to go into accounting over other business related careers. They said that its satisfying work because you get to tidy all the numbers up in a logical and reliable way, plus, you still get to work with people. Its always interesting to hear why people enjoy these reliable careers!
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